Predicted in Sept 92 and on Nov 23,92 that Bill Clinton will face problems due widows,bad ladies,women of ill repute particularly those with R,K,N,or M as first letters of their name. In Nov 95,Monica Lewinsky joined white house,who later on levied charges of sexual scandal against Clinton on  Jan 17,98. Mark bad lady and first letter of name as M. Clinton had to confess publically his sexual relations with her on Aug17,98.


In the article “American Presidency Elections –Mr Bill Clinton” to be the next President” published in “Planets and Forecast”in its Nov,1992 issue at page page no 512 & 513, (released in the mid of Oct,1992 and article was sent to the editor in the mid of Sept, 1992) , Vinod Kumar Gupta predicted as;


“Not only this, later on also, after the elections, Bill Clinton will face problems due to widows,bad ladies,particularly whose first alphabet of name will begin with R,K,N OR M”


 In the ‘THE TRIBUNE’ dated Nov 23,1992, published the above prediction as;


“What does the future have in store for Mr Clinton ? .The astrologer says he will face problems due to widows,women of ill repute particularly with R,K,N,OR M as first letters of their names.”


The paper ‘PUNJAB KESRI’ dated Aug 21,98‘JAGBANI’ dated Aug 21,98  & INDIAN EXPRESS (Ludhiana News line) dated Aug 28,98  also appreciated the above prediction