Predicted the setback to CM of Delhi Mrs Shushma Swaraj in Elections of CM of Delhi and Congress can gain politically before Dec 2, 1999. On Feb11,98 predicted that PM Vajpayee should remain careful regarding ladies and again on Oct 31, 1998, he was warned about ladies as the election in Delhi were being fought  under the leadership of Sushma Swaraj as then she was CM of Delhi. BJP lost the elections and again a lady Sheela Dikshit sworn in as CM of Delhi on Dec 3, 98. Thus both ladies Sushma Swaraj & Sheela Dikshit remain unfavourable to Vajpayee.


The above prediction of Vinod Kumar Gupta was published in the renowned newspaper of North India ‘Punjab Kesri’ dated Feb11,98 & JAGBANI’ dated Feb 11,1998 As;


“Vajpayee should remain careful from ladies.Congress will gain politically before Jan 2,99.”


The above prediction was again repeated in the renowned newspaper of North India, ‘PUNJAB KESRI’ dated March 20,98 & ‘JAGBANI’ dated March 20,98  appreciated above prediction of Vinod Kumar Gupta .


The renowned newspaper of North ‘JAGBANI’ dated Oct31, 98 published  the prediction of Vinod Kumar Gupta as;


“The election of Delhi are being contested under the leadership of Mrs Sushma Swaraj, the outcome of the elections, only the time will tell, as ladies are not favourable to Vajpayee.”