George Bush may suffer attack on his health before 20.01.92 on any Wednesday


On Jan 8,1992, day Wednesday while at formal dinner in Japan ,Bush became ill, vomiting on Prime Minister of Japan,then fainting, rather totally collapsed in severe distress.


In the article, “Indian& American Political Scene” published in Sept, 1991 issue of Planets and Forecast  (released on Aug 11,1990,article was sent to editor in the mid of July, 1990),Vinod Kumar Gupta predicted at page no 446 ,& 447 considering the oath taking horoscope of President of U.S.A. George Bush as;


“In the 3rd year annual horoscope which extends from 20.01.1991 to 20.01.1992, Ketu in the 8th house, Mercury in the 11th house indicate and Rahu in the 12th house indicate thathe wll cease to be President of U.S.A at any time during the above mentioned period may be temporarily or permanently, may be because of bad health or  otherwise .Only time will tell. Last day of his office may be Wednesday.”


It may be noted that day of collapse was Wednesday.