In the article, Gulf Crisis-International Political Scene, published in Jan,1991 issue of Planets and Forecast  (released on Dec 11,1990,article was sent to editor in the mid of Nov,1990), Vinod Kumar Gupta predicted at page  56 ,57 ;


“Considering the Iraq Kingdom horoscope, in the annual horoscope Mars in the 8th house from 23.08.1990 to 23.08.1991 which indicates bloodshed of human lives, war etc”


“The date of birth of American President George Bush is 12th June,1924. The horoscope has been drawn in ref 4. In the annual horoscope,Mars Ketu in the 4th house from June12,1990 to June12,1991, Mars Ketu in the 4th  house indicators of financial crisis and military operations.”


Neeta in her letter to editor of Planets and Forecast (published in April 1991 issue at page No 173  ) has appreciated the above prediction.


On Jan 16,1991, Allied forces began the devastating bombing on Iraq and her forces in Kuwait.The Allied bombing sought to damage Iraq’s infrastructure so as to hinder her ability to make war while also hurting both civilian and military morale.By February 26, U.S. and allied Arab forces along with the underground Kuwaiti  Resistance controlled Kawait City and allied air force pounded the retreating Iraqi occupation army.


On February,27, President Bush ordered a cease fire and the surviving Iraq troops were allowed to escape back into southern Iraq. On March 3,1991,Iraq accepted the terms of the cease-fire and the fighting ended.