Fall of V P Singh Govt


V P Singh resigned as PM after lost vote of confidence in Nov,1990. In the article, Political Astrology and Future of NF Government, by Er V K Gupta published in the astrological magazine,‘The Times of Astrology’in its May 1990 issue at  page no 23,24 ,25, he predicted that,  “When famous war of Mahabharta was fought,it was near the solar eclipse. Even in the horoscope of Raja V .P. Singh,Prime Minister of India, Rahu in lagna in his 60th annual horoscope. Rahu in lagna cause solar eclipse in the horoscope. The 60th year of Raja V P Singh is from June 25,1990 to June 1991. The eclipse, will show its effect in the first or fourth month counted from June25, 1990.”


Mandal Commission report was for reservation for backward classes. V P Singh was determined to implement it against which anti-reservationist protested ,there were strikes,riots,immolutions by young boys all over the country from Sept 1,1990 and as a result ,VP Singh has to resign in Nov,1990 after a real Mahabharta.