Disintegration of Russia


In the article, “National and International Political Forecast” published in May,1991 issue of Planets and Forecast at page No 251, 252  (the article was received by the editor on 23.03.91 and issue was released in the mid of April,1991),Vinod Kumar Gupta predicted about Soviet Russia;


“Unrest will be there for Independence upto Nov 9,1991.Significant events may take place in the 6th /10th month counted from Nov 1990.”


Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was removed from power on Aug 19,1991 by a bloodless coup .The coup failed and he was released on Aug 21,1991.In Aug 1991, the Estonian and Latvian parliaments joined Lithuania in declaring independence.


Pardeep Gupta,an Supreme Court Advcate wrote a letter to editor of Planets and Forecast appreciating the above prediction which was pulished at page No 509 .