Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi before May 22,1991 by a lady whose name will begin with first alphabet K, M, N or R in Tamil Nadu (India)


In the article “Political Forecast”publishd in “Planets and Forecast” in its Feb,1991 issue at page  no. 101, 102 (released in the mid of Jan,1991 and article was sent to the editor in the mid of Dec, 1990), Vinod Kumar Gupta predicted, after Considering the horoscope of Rajiv Gandhi;


“The planet Mercury is in the 8th house which creates problem in Govt and name, fame/ prestige, most probably the living and non-living objects whose first alphabet of name is K, M, N or R ie Gemini, Leo, Scorpio or Libra Rashi may be the possible cause of problem. Particularly females, widows of the above mentioned Rashi’s will be the cause of problems. Sisters, Sister in laws and daughters will be distressed. The effect will be in the period from 20.03.91 to 22.05.91 and from 10.06.1991 to 22.07.91.”


In response to above prediction Sh. Surinder Paal, sent a letter (published in “Planets and Forecast” in April 1991 issue page 172 & 173 to editor in which he mentioned that a female leader Jai Lallita is playing and important role in Tamil Nadu in May 1991 and anticipated above happening in the above mentioned period in Tamil Nadu.


It is worth mentioning that an all India Astrologers Conference was convened by International Institute of Astrology and Occultism from 6th March to 8th March and sponsored by Future Point Pvt Ltd and inaugurated by Giani Zail Singh Former President of India in which most of the astrologers were of the view that Rajiv Gandhi will come to Power in the coming elections. This was published at page no 229 in May issue of “Political Forecast”


Vinod Kumar Gupta again repeated in his article, “National and International Political Forecast” published in the same above mentioned issue ie May 1991 issue of page no 251 & , 252 of “Planets and Forecast” that politically stars of Rajiv Gandhi are bad upto Aug20,1991 but Lok sabha elections are being held before that. So, he cannot be PM.


Mrs Neeta Gupta appreciated the above prediction in letter to editor which was published at page no 364 , & 365 of Aug,1991 issue of “Planets and Forecast”


Sanju Singhal from Ludhiana also appreciated the above prediction in letter to editor which was published at page no 412, 413 of Sept,1991 issue of “Planets and Foecast”


The renowned newspaper of North India, ‘THE TRIBUNE’ dated Jan20,1992also appreciated the above prediction.


Shri Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Tamil Nadu by a lady suicide bomber named Rajaratnam Thenmozhi while campaigning for Mrs Maragatham Chandrashekhar on 21st May1991. Mark lady and first alphabets of the name as R & M.